The order session is a lot of fun....and a very important point...WE DO NOT DO HIGH PRESSURE SALES...we simply display the images and advise on the logical presentation for that image....we do not pressure our clients to purchase...ever ! 

We feel that if we have communicated ahead of time our artisitic focus as a photographer (Home Decor Wall Portraits)..and we deliver you images you love..then there is no need to sell to simply select what fits you best. 

How the session works.....

You come to our studio viewing gallery and we display the edited images on a large projection screen, allowing you to see the images in detail. Together we go thru an elimination process, narrowing the selection to the final images that you would like to order from.

We will help guide you through the process..which sounds daunting..but is actually a lot of will get to see some "digital magic" and how the professionals make things look so good. 

Then we discuss with you the design aspects of your final portraits. Size, cropping, retouching...framing...etc.

Because we are a "custom" studio , we value your participation in the designing of the final prints...
Everything is custom to your specifications.

With the advent of digital imaging.... there are so many options...unusual sizes...cropping...retouching ( too much..too little..etc)...Color vs. Black and White or Sepia....composites....and on and on....So its important to us that we have you inform us of your preferences when you come to our studio. 

A little homework on your part before you come is also helpful....take a look around the house and make some notes about where you would like to display your prints...and get an idea of how much room you have will help you during the order session to know what size print will fit in those areas. 

If you are not from the area, we also make arrangements for shipping your finished Wall Portraits directly to you.

All in all...the whole ordering process takes about 1-2 hours depending on your decisiveness.