At Lamping photography, one of our specialties is color harmony. Whether you desire to make a wall portrait to fit a certain color scheme in your home as art decor, or just matching your outfits to specific backgrounds, leave it to us to create color harmony.

Before your session consult with us on what to wear. We will recommend different styles, colors, tones based on each individual session. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Our image galleries have great samples of what works well...the more you match the cleaner the look of the finished images, i.e. solid prints, same color tones.
-Don’t mix light tones with darks please... (It looks like a checker board and hard to find faces when it’s so busy)
-Whites are good on a cloudy day, but too much on a sunny day.
-Dark colors are more slimming.
-Long sleeves and long pants also makes it less "busy" and easier to see faces.
-Blues are great colors for ANYBODY! But it’s fun to play with colors...especially if you want to try to tie it in with your home decor.

Ultimately...its your portrait and you can wear whatever you find most reflects what your trying to achieve for your home. 

Its most important that everyone has a good time and feels comfortable.