Beach portraits are what made Lamping Photography famous! You will find many who attempt to photograph at the beach..but they simply do not have the mastery of the lighting conditions. Beach lighting poses many challenges and Lampings has perfected the lighting so that you family is properly exposed every time !

Beach portraits tend to be more informal than studio type of its best to dress casually. 

Some suggestions are blue jeans and bare feet with shirts that best fit your goals for your home decor. Matching colors ...darker solid colors..tend to allow us to see your faces better and are less busy.....whites are refreshing but can be too strong on a sunny day......Its always good to have a plan A and plan B with regard to clothing.

Some other considerations when it comes to beach portraits....the weather.... Some days here on the Oregon coast are rainy...but we do have lots of sunny days ...foggy days...cloudy days...and Sunsets !

Cloudy days are probably the best lighting conditions as the shadows are softer and squinting is less likely. Sunny days are great..but better early or later in the day. High noon sun can be especially harsh. So for that reason we tend to schedule sessions in the morning or late afternoon.

1- If you want sunset times in the early summer, it can be as late at 9:30pm and not recommended for small children as they often run out of steam by then... 

2- The weather can change quickly so it is great if you can be flexible to start a little earlier or later than planned , just in case the best weather comes a little before the scheduled time. We watch the weather and stay in touch with you if it looks like it might vary.

Beach portraits can be done year round most of the time...but beach portrait season is from March to November..with JMay to October being the most dependable weather wise.

Most of all...we hope that the session will be fun and something you will be proud to display in your home.